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M and C Fence has over 25 years of experience in providing fence installation services to the community, and we are truly proud of what we do. We are dedicated to providing the community with top tier fence installation services and superior customer service, all at an unbeatable price. Each of our fences is designed with you in mind, to help make your life easier, more convenient, and better as a whole.

How does a fence improve your quality of life? You might be wondering how something as simple as a fence can add so much to your property. The right fence and custom gate can add security, increase privacy, and even enhance the curb appeal of your home. Please read on below, to see in a little more detail how fence installation services from M and C Fence can accomplish each one of these goals.

Added Security


The primary function of a fence is to act as a physical barrier between your property, or a section of your property, and the outside world. So, just about any fence can bring an added level of security to your home. Each and every single one of our fences can perform this basic feat, and give you a bit of extra safety and security. Our fences are designed to keep intruders and stray animals out, keeping you and your family safe, but they can also keep pets and small children safely inside. The safety of our fences is therefore twofold.

Chain link fences are a great option if all you want is some added security, because they add a barrier while still allowing for airflow and viewing of your yard, giving you all the benefits of a fence, without restricting visibility of your beautiful home. Aluminum fences can also be a good option for some extra security because they can be built to look like wrought iron, another fence type that allows for visibility and airflow while enhancing security. Aluminum fences also come in a variety of different options, allowing for increased customizability.
designed to create a pleasing aesthetic, but some might be more suited to certain areas and homes than others. Your custom gate is another aspect that affects the aesthetic of your home, and we can help make sure any custom gate is a seamless addition.

Wood fences are incredibly popular in Oxford for their charming and rustic aesthetic. Wood fences come in a variety of different options, with matching custom gates, designed to fit any aesthetic. We can build wood fences that can be anything from ruggedly rustic to charmingly picturesque. The options are endless for wood fences, which also make great privacy fences. 

Increased Privacy For Your Wildwood Residency


The next thing a fence does best is increase the privacy of your home and yard. The right type of fence can actually block the view of your yard, and even into your home, by blocking windows. This can create a secluded oasis for you and your family to enjoy, without having to worry about nosy neighbors or passersby. You will be able to feel much more at ease in your backyard, knowing you are safe from prying eyes, and might actually get more use out of the space with a privacy fence.

Wood fences can be a great way to add some privacy to your home. If built with narrow gaps between slats, wood fences can block a lot of the view of any backyard, giving you that much needed privacy. Vinyl fences are also a great option for privacy fences because they can also be built with very little gapping, and can be designed to look just like wood fences.

Enhanced Your Wildwood Home Curb Appeal



The last item on the list of things fence installation services can bring to your Wildwood home is enhanced curb appeal. Just because aesthetic value is listed last, does not mean it is any less important of a factor than either of the other two listed. The curb appeal of your home is very important, as it is the first impression you make on anyone who sees or visits your home. Curb appeal also has bearing on the value of your home, and the right fence and custom gate can actually increase the value of your home.

Aluminum fences and wood fences are typically thought of to be the most aesthetically pleasing. Wood fences are a classic, and have retained their popularity in Wildwood over the years for good reason. Wood fences are a beautiful and timeless look. Aluminum fences can also be incredibly beautiful, especially when fashioned to look like wrought iron. Our aluminum fences can give you all the elegance of a wrought iron fence at a fraction of the cost.

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